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Default Re: Absolute best source?


I haven't listened to the 803D's, but in general I prefer the Dynaudio sound. I saw the Saphires @ CEDIA this year, funky looking speaker, and I would love to listen to them but....

I run Meridian's 861v4 and G98, an Esoteric DV-50s plus a host of Blu-ray and HD DVD players through a ML 433 and Proceed HPA-2 into whatever speakers are being reviewed this month, my reference are the Canton Vento's but must admit they haven't been in that system for a couple months now. All the front is wired with Transparent reference cables. Power comes from 5 dedicated 20A lines and two 15A lines all on their own panel.

So, as you can see, while I really like the EMM Labs gear, I too own Esoteric...
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