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Default Re: Good Music Coming!!!

All right, all right, I'm willing to join the pathetic march down vinyl emporium memory lane (but shouldn't this be a new thread, not "Good Music Coming"? -- Jerry, I believe this is your fault).

I was in Albuquerque from age 3 to 33-1/3 (true), and I got all my needs taken care of at a narrow little place near UNM called Gold Street Circus, New Mexico's first underground record store (b. 1970? '71?). It was owned and run by the coolest guys, who not only got the best brand-newest music first, but also stocked all the complementary essentials: waterbeds, concert tickets, posters, essential oils and incense, music accessories, smoking accessories, underground comix, bootlegs, hip tomes and alternative press, cool threads from UK and South America. It was rumored that many had life-changing spiritual experiences and psychic awakenings there, in that back room with the waterbed ... but from personal experience, I really cannot say.

The Gold Street boys reluctantly, with some embarrassment, stocked the minimum numbers of REO Speedwagons and Frampton Comes Alives and other cash cows, because it was after all a business. But if you hung around for a few hours and just listened to the house music, you could get an education. As an FM DJ and music editor and all-around hip guy, I had my own influences to offer to them. It was a great place to talk music for hours, with like-minded souls for whom music was likewise the very breath of life. Or ... to meet chicks.

Bought my first reggae album there (and my 2nd, and 3rd ... ). Discovered the stunning joy of import vinyl and its sonic revelations, and started replacing all my Jimi, Floyd, Beatles, Stones. Snagged Fugs and Michael Chapmans and Syd Barretts -- and bought Frampton Comes Alive. (Truthfully, about the only LPs I bought there were imports and others I couldn't get for free, because I was hauling in freebies at the rate of 10-15/day.) (Actually, I didn't buy the imports either, I traded my promo copies for them.) (Come to think of it, I'm not sure if I spent a dime at Gold Street Circus.)

It was handy that I lived just around the corner (in an actual below-ground apartment). I was a broke student and very young father, and you could get high and educated just hanging out. It's sad that future generations will not have the music enrichment opportunites and sweeping cultural experience and memories of their own Towers or Daytons or Barefoot Sounds or Gold Streets. An iPod seems hardly a fair trade.

I know, you East and West Coasters thought we small-city dudes were out of it, back then. But thanks to Gold Street, we could move straight to Sunset Strip or the Haight or the Village and not miss a beat.

What happened to the visionary Gold Street boys? That's a book or movie, but kahuna Ted Freedman is still living happily in NM, and still one of my best friends.

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