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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

This whole cable/wire/interconect thing is absollute PABLUM! I remember an article in Sterophlie..yes Sterophile a while back where one of the manufactures at CES had some very excellent speakers hooked up to some super uber-exotic Amps etc., (Krell, Paragon..not sure?) and the whole Sterophile, Absolute Sound crowd, i.e., the "Golden Ears" were astounded and/or blown away! Then the ultimate finale: He removed a curtain and what these so-called Audiophile Golden Ears had been listening to in awe was an I-Pod hooked up to a aprox. $300 Walmart type reciever! LOL!!! The response in the Stereophile magazine article: "Yes..but..err..ahh...(and get this: for the "don't confuse me with the minds allreay made up" crowd) we _still_ heard a difference! ROFL!!!
There will be more of a differnce in the sound of your system by moving the speaker a mere inch here and there, or your distance from said speakers, or even tilting or moving your head a few degrees in any direction..then for any $1000/Meter Interconects, etc., etc,!
I've lived in several large major U.S city's, joined their Audio Clubs, etc., and did the same thing that happened to Sterophile at the CES show! Same thing: "Oh.. those cables/interconnects/that amplifier/that pre-amp....sounds SO much better/different that A or B or C etc.,! Same result as the CES experiment (sound levels matched to within 1/10th. of a DB!!!
Then I offered _anyone_ $100 if they..under the conditons of _thier_ choice..could hear a diff. that was statisctically significant..they'd get the money! They tried and tried and came up with the most outrageous excuses one could possibly imagine as too _why_ suddenly in thier expensive and long worshipped Golden Ear lifetimes they hadn't heard even the slightest diff.! Haven't had to write a check yet!!! Oh did I mention..I'm and Eye Ear Nose and Throat Doctor/Specialist! I know a thing or two re: the Human Auditory system and the acoustic and/or physics involved!! LOL!! Bring it on Golden Ears!!! I expect to be barraged by multitudes of misinformed preconcieved nonesense from the die hards..trying to justify the $$$$ they've spent for years to support a Mythology!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes...A MYTHOLOGY! And the manufactuers know it! Go through issues of your fav. high-end mags. and look at the Adverts.!?!?!? Look at the names of most of the Uber-High-Gear! UNBLIEVABLE! Right out of Norse, Greek and other Mythologies!! Regards!
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