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Default Re: Today's Worst Bands...

OK, nobody's got the balls -- I'll go there.

Know why? Because one time I watched ... must've been 7 or 8 minutes, of that satanic TV show, and I'm still angry. I had to know what the deal was -- but I never should have gone there. I'm still getting flashbacks.

For all the agony Billy Ray put us through in his 14 months of fame, little did we know he was also planting the seeds of our destruction. Literally.

That little girl of his may be a fine young lady, and I don't mean to emulate our President and attack children, but someone (hmmmm ?) has coerced that girl into the kind of acting the Disney Channel loves, and she has become, I would say, its ultimate practitioner. Which is to say, she makes my skin crawl.

Someone please sterilize all Cyruses. My grandchildren won't deserve this.
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