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Smile Re: Absolute best source?

Hi Ken,

Yes it is a sickness, but a fun one. I have consistently found over the years that I prefer DACs based on the 24 bit Burr-Brown chipset rather than the AD Delta-Sigma 1 bit noise-shaping ones. The following seems to correlate with what I hear; a slight amusical brightness, that can seem like more detail but is really modulated high-frequency noise. The Esoteric uses 8 DACs per channel in parallel. Interesting reading here:

I run the Estoteric stack directly via the analog output volume control to an Accuphase F-25V electronic crossover, which feeds 6 (transformer-based) Jeff Rowland power amps into heavily modified Klipschorns, with JBL 2226H woofers, Atlas midrange drivers, time-aligned tweeters in custom enclosures, and internal crossovers removed. All the electronics sit on a 6 shelf Grand Prix Audio Monaco rack with Kevlar/carbon fiber shelves and Black Diamond #4 racing cones throughout. Cardas Neutral Reference interconnects and speaker cables, and a Tice PB-3C-HP power conditioner round out the system. Currently on order is an Equitech 10RQ balanced-power isolation transformer which will reside in the electrical room. Electricians are coming out to install a 50A 240V line to feed it all. Video will follow next, I am planning on a Marantz VP-15S1 with a Stewart Studiotek 6 or 6.5' screen (video is least important to me). I have 2 Yamaha Motif ES-8 keyboards with various MIDI sound modules and a custom PC with an RME AES-32, a 16 channel AES/EBU digital input/output sound card. An RME ADI-192 format converter/sync device connects all that to the G-0s with word clock I/O (so everything is perfectly sample synced), and the sound card allows me to play keyboards along with music via a second digital input on the DACs.

I have 2 other systems in other you prefer the Dynaudio Confidence series or B&W 803Ds? By the way I just got to hear the new Dynaudio Sapphires yesterday, the first pair in North America, before they go off to Stereophile for review...

Have sound, but alas cannot travel (the system weighs well over 2000 lbs...travelling requires Ipod) :-)

What is your system like? I liked the Meitner second best...



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