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Default Re: Yet another receiver suggestion thread

The Onkyo has 24bit/192kHz DACs that convert Digital Audio inputted from HDMI, Digital Coaxial, and Toslink to the analog Speaker Terminal outputs and the analog L/R output of the Tape Out and VCR/DVR Out. The receiver can record any source out of those two outputs. The digital sources can also be output via the Zone 2 Speaker terminals. The digital sources however, CANNOT be output through the Zone 2 Line L/R output. That is a preamp out designed to be feed into another amp. If you would like connect a distribution amp to the receiver and be able to feed it digital-2-analog converted sources, you will have to go out of the Tape or VCR output. However this limits your use of your main receiver to the same source in both zones.

To sum up: the only way to get digital sources connected to the receiver over to zone 2 is through the Zone 2 speaker terminals (perserving the use of separate sources for zone 2 and the main zone) - OR - through the Tape or VCR out (making Zone 2 an expansion of the same source playing on the main zone).

The great thing about the 605 is the fact that it can be had at many places for $399.
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