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Default Re: Yet another receiver suggestion thread

The Onkyo 605 would be great for what you need, and it has the ability to adapt to future upgrades. You will need an HDMI to DVI cable or an HDMI/DVI adapter. I use one of these when ouputting my Macbook Pro DVI to my receiver HDMI and it works great.

It has 2 digital coaxial inputs and 3 toslink input (2 rear, 1 front). The 605 has both XM and Sirius component connetions to an external XM/Sirius receiver. In any event, if you are just looking for a standard pair of analog connections, the 605 has a multitude of those.

The 605 has: 5.1 multi-channel analog input, VCR/DVR in/out analog, CBL/SAT in analog, Game/TV in analog, Tape in/out analog, and CD in analog. (Obviously, the labels are arbitrary and you can connect any stereo analog audio component to the inputs [with the exception of a turntable as there is no phono preamp])

Video wise the 605 has 3 component video ins, 1 out. It has 3 composite/S-Video inputs which correspond to the Game, CBL, and DVD inputs. It also has a Composite/S-Video in/out for the VCR/DVR source, and 1 Composite/S-Video Monitor output. There is also an AUX input on the front with S-Video/Composite, L/R analog, and 1 Toslink (not assignable) inputs. It has 2 HDMI in, 1 out. A big plus is the 605 has the capability of upconverting all video inputs (component, composite and S-Video) to output via HDMI.

Now the tricky part is your multizone. First the receiver is 7.1 channels (or the Surround Back channels can be used for Bi-Amping the front speakers). There is also a L/R speaker terminal output for Zone 2 speakers. This output will not work if you have anything connected to the Surr Back speaker terminals, just FYI. The 605 also has an analog L/R stereo line output for Zone 2. HOWEVER, what you are asking for with your multizone is not possible. I have yet to see a receiver that can output digital sources via the analog Zone 2 line out. Perhaps Andrew could chime in here and point one out because I'm not sure. If, say I had a CD playing my DVD player which was connected with HDMI audio or Toslink, it would not play into my zone 2. That is why I always have at least one of my players still connected with the analog audio connectors as well. I can assign zone 2 to read the analog input.

I do believe however that a digital source can be output via the Zone 2 speaker terminal connectors. I am not 100% positive on that as I have not tried it myself. The options with Onkyo receivers are extremely decent, and I think you will be amazed with the audio quality they put out. I have had the 674 and the 805 and love their products.

I actually looked at getting the 605 a while back, but my 2 criticisms (which are not really criticisms since it is a lighter model in their lineup) are that for me it lacked the 3rd HDMI input. But more importantly, it was a bit light on Watts/channel with only 90W whereas the 805 has 130W. Hope this helps. If you have any other questions feel free.
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