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Cool Re: HDMI vs HDMI 1.3 cables...and...

The Mitsubishi 65" is native 1080P. I have a collection of several hundred DVDs. I can't afford the prices right now on purchasing Blue Ray or High Def. discs. Rentals would be nice though.

So, my main concern, for now, is playing my currently owned DVD's and have them look as fantastic as possible...and yes, through my component hookups (run through the wall) the DVDs look pretty darn good. But certainly not 1080p.

Problem 1. Buying a 50' HDMI cable. Sounds like any HDMI from MONOSource will do wonders.

Problem 2. Getting the new cable to the TV.

Problem 3. Figuring out which UPscaling DVD player will really be the best with this Mitsubishi TV.
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