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Default Yet another receiver suggestion thread

I want to upgrade my receiver. Here are my requirements:

I want to spend $500-ish or less, maybe some flexibility though.

I'm not an audiophile, so I don't need creme de la creme, but it should be good enough for a decent home theater experience and decent CD listening of a wide range of music. I'd be happy to try to quantify this more precisely if necessary.

Inputs the receiver needs to support:

Slim squeezebox (spdif, could be either optical or RCA)
Set top box (hdmi or component video, spdif - I think both optical and RCA are available)
XM radio output (L/R analog)
Wii (NTSC video, L/R analog audio)
Homebrew DVR (DVI video, spdif - RCA)

Outputs it needs to support:

HDTV 720p, DVI input
5.1 speakers
multizone distribution amp in basement, needs analog L/R

I believe HDMI to DVI (and vice versa) converters are not a problem. However, the reason I'm upgrading my receiver is that my current receiver does not transcode digital inputs to the analog outputs. If the receiver is set to one of the spdif inputs, I get nothing from any of the L/R analog outputs. In other words, I can't use my multizone speakers for the digital inputs.

I've found it very hard to determine from looking at most receiver specs whether they transcode the digital inputs to analog outputs. Perhaps it is standard these days? If someone could enlighten me that would be helpful.

Finally, from reading this forum, it sounds like the Onkyo TX-SR605 is well-regarded. Would this do everything I need? Would it be a good choice?

Thanks for any input.

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