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Originally Posted by MrManuals View Post
How come I can't ever find any independent reviews on the Vizio TV line? All I seem to see are reviews sponsored by Vizio itself. I would've considered buying one, but without any kind of non-sponsored review, not a chance.

Have you even seen a Vizio LCD or Plasma personally? Are you incapable of making your own decisions?

Allow me to set you straight on a few things. AVRev as well as myself have been supporters of Vizio for a while and long before they began running ads with us I might add. Our first Vizio review, which I did personally, was because I found one of their sets on a sale rack in the back of a MacMall in Santa Monica. I had heard nothing about Vizio nor did we have any intention of doing a Vizio review. That being said, we ran the review because it was a 42" HDTV for a grand, and a 42" HDTV anything for a grand is worth talking about. From there I wanted to see what else Vizio had to offer. At that point I contacted Vizio for a review sample of their 50" HDTV Plasma and the rest is history. The Vizio reviews have been positive because unlike other companies Vizio actually makes TV's that people want to buy and can honestly afford. No one, myself included, is saying that Vizio competes with the likes of Runco or whatever, but for what they are they are damn good and for what they cost it's easy to overlook certain flaws. Please note that these flaws are mentioned in EVERY review however, they are honestly weighed against the TV's overall performance and price.

Honestly, the fact that you would buy anything based solely on a review is ludicrous. Ultimately, a review is one writer's opinion about how a product speaks to them and their needs and how they feel it will do the same for other people. I get asked all the time about good cheap HDTV and frankly the words good and cheap really don't go together when talking about Plasma's or LCD's...unless you're talking about Vizio. Sure there are other brands, like Olevia and Westinghouse that make cheap HDTV's too, and I've viewed both, but pound for pound Vizio seems to be the king of inexpensive HDTV's at the moment.

Then again, that's just my opinion what do I know.
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