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Default Re: CANTON 809DC/890DC

Many tough questions...

The Reference 7DC's seem to be the reference line's speaker between the 807 and 809, the Ref 5's are the upgraded 809/890's. I have never had a chance to hear the Reference vs. regular, so I can not comment on the difference. The price difference isn't minor, so I would hope/expect the sonics to follow but can only assume.

FWIW All amp power outputs I listed were for 8 Ohms, and used with the speakers I listed, yes, I found they preferred power, but your mileage might vary if your listening level is significantly lower than mine. Also, in my review of the Sunfire amp I used the 7400 fed via a Meridian 861 and came to my conclusions based on comarison to the HPA-3 I was using. I still suspect the 5200 would be a little light for these speakers.

I can't comment on Internet sellers, but you are right, Legacy does seem to be a legitimate retailer for Canton. You could try to contact the company and see if they have someone close to you for a listen.
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