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Default Re: HDMI vs HDMI 1.3 cables...and...

Originally Posted by tigeraudio2007 View Post
I'm about 99% sure your HDTV accepts and displays 1080i content and that is where it tops out. No 1080p anywhere in the TV. But if you give me the model number I can tell you for absolute certainity.

If you are getting an HD DVD player, I would go with the A3, as the A35 has poor 1080p processing which doesn't affect you, and is only really stable in the 1080i mode. So you may as well get the A3 which has a highest resolution of 1080i. The A35 is the best of them with a better video processor and more stability over all. But the A3 should suit you just fine.
The model # of my Mitsubishi 65" is WS65813. I think one of the forum members said to buy the A30 because it loads faster? And only costs $100.00 more than the A3. But if it does not perform any better, I really don't care how fast it loads. I just want good quality picture for my TV.

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