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Default Re: What are some of your other hobbies?

Yeah, I got the thing up and running but it's a little late to go beat the truck now. It is a really nice radio, and I suspect I will get better performance out of my truck with it after seeing how the servos are fully adjustable now. The new servo for the steering is SICK!!! The thing snaps the wheels to the sides so fast it is scary! I will need to work out the progressive functions sometime soon but suspect tomorrow I will be out breaking something.... Then back tot he LHS and some repairs and then maybe sort it out!

I think the second controller will go into my soon to be rock crawler if RCHobbies ever sends me the parts I need to finish the stage I conversion of an HPI Wheelie King 4x4, then I suspect new servo's in that one too........

As you can see, it doesn't stop with this hobby!

Ken Taraszka, MD
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