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Default Re: DirecTV nightmare continues - Do I need a new dish?

Originally Posted by MoosePond View Post
Have a similar problem with my DirecTV setup at our weekend home in VT. Am getting some of the (both newer and older) HD channels but not all of them, even though we've got a new 5 LNB dish that was installed less than 3 months ago! AARRGGHH!! Their idiots on the phone don't seem to have a clue and I'll have to wait until the week after Thanksgiving when we're up all week to get one of their "technicians" out to see if they can resolve this.
Do you have the Mpeg4 receiver like the HR20? if not you won't get all the new channels, also make sure you have the B-Band converters that should have been shipped with the Mpeg4 receivers installed correctly.
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