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Default Re: DirecTV nightmare continues - Do I need a new dish?

When I got my HR20 it required a service call even though they shipped me the box.
It requires the new 5 LMB dish & it needs to be set up by an installer, it's not like the old dishes you could aim yourself, so yes if you have the 4 LMB dish you need a new dish.
If you had an installer over already & he didn't replace the old dish then I'd be ticked, if you are still waiting for your install appointment then he should put the new dish up then.

Now I'm in no way saying what is happening is right but I imagine with all the new HD channels there is probably a lot of new CSR's & installers that don't know what's going on yet.
However I have never liked the fact they subcontract out the installs & service, that gives them very little control over the quality of people they use.

I hope you get everything worked out soon so you can enjoy the new channels.

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