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Thumbs down DirecTV nightmare continues - Do I need a new dish?

I had my crestron programmer come over this morning and update my handheld remote in my living room to run the HR20 DVR in stead of the HD10-250 TiVo.

The remote works fine yet the receiver, which is connected to a 4 LMB dish that was JUST installed a year ago - isn't finding MANY of the channels on DirecTV. My master bedroom and theater systems are fine and receive everything. The new receiver can't get CNN (or CNN HD) but can get Discovery HD and other channels on other areas on the dial.

My programmer has DirecTV and ran into the same issues at his house. He needed to replace a new dish like mine.

My wife (an IT consultant by trade) called DirecTV for the 5th time in a week and you might be shocked to hear - they could do NOTHING to help us over the phone. When is JD Power going to realize that "restart your unit" isn't customer service. Neither is outsourcing all of your calls. Lame.

We have one of their techs coming over Friday. I wonder if he or she can fix anything or has the right parts on their truck to make the system work.

I want more HD channels but this is a JOKE. DirecTV should be ashamed of themselves.
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