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Cool CANTON 809DC/890DC


Wow thanks so much for the helpful information. It's good to hear from somebody actually using the CANTON'S.

According to another review I saw, the 809DC speakers along w/ the reference were mostly running at 4 OHMS, which the TGA-5200 would be cranking out 400 watts/channel at that level... do you still think they would be too thin.. are the 5200s really cranking out that much power?

Sounds like from your review, that the speakers are hungry for power

Have you listened to the Ref 7DC?... would they be appreciably better than the 809DC.

It's too bad I really want the CANTON's because I live in LR, Arkansas and I mean there is nobody in this state or even bordering that appears to be selling CANTON's. I wondered for a while if CANTONS were even being sold in N.A.

Also, do you have any recommendations for authorized online sales...
claims to sale authorized new 809DC.. no mention of the new models, but the price looks good

or would most local reps be able to offer a decent discount on newly ordered speakers?

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