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Angry Re: Learning to hate DirecTV more and more

I just switched to DISH NETWORK a few months ago. I had called Directv to see what I had to do to get an HD DVR and they stated that it would cost me $199.00. I have been a customer for 12 or more years. New customers get these for free. I was told I could upgrade to DVRs in all my rooms one at a time for free every six months (they just wouldn't be HD DVRs). So I said OK and they sent my first upgrade.

A few months later I decided to switch to DISH and canceled my service. They are now billing me for $250 for early cancellation. I have since found out that with the "FREE" upgrade also committed me to a new 2 year contract that no one told me about. They now state that it was a "verbal agreement". They must have said it under their breath. I had been a customer for years!!!

How's that for good customer service.
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