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Default Re: Yamaha RX-V861 7.1 Receiver Reviewew

Originally Posted by bo-cephus View Post
I guess I am excited about his receiver - already downloaded the manual and went through it. Only a minor disappointment. I was looking forward to bi-amping my L/R fronts until I realized the bi-amp outputs also double as the surround backs (I need my surround backs). Too bad. The RX-V861 also has two additional front speaker outputs for "presence" but it doesn't look like I can use those for bi-amping my fronts, at least according to the manual. If someone could tell me I'm wrong about the additional front speaker outputs I'd be extremely happy. Thanks.
You are not wrong. I'm very well versed with Yamaha products. They're great, and I'm sure you'll enjoy them, but you will need to use a the Md/CD-R loop with an external integrated amp or receiver to have control of a second source in zone 2 while maintaining your surround back channels in zone one.
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