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Default Re: The hills are on FIRE with the sound of ARSON...

My girlfriend and I were guests at the Hotel DelColliano last night and probably for a few nights going forward due to our house and surrounding area being plagued by the Canyon Country fire which despite the local news coverage of the Malibu area is the worst fire burning in the state. However, with so many multi million dollar dwellings going up in smoke in Malibu getting info on my area and situation has proven difficult. I don't think that my house is in any direct danger of burning down (knock on wood) the air has just been deemed unbreathable without respitory gear and evacuations are now mandatory. We shall see...

Thanks to everyone for all the kind e-mails I got this morning as well as to Jerry and Krista for opening up their home to me and Andrea and the dogs.

Keep you posted...
Andrew Robinson

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