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Default Re: New NAD HDMI 1.3 Preamp and Multi-channel amp

My question is.. will it put out enough dynamic power to drive the above speakers when just listening to music (and I don't mean just loud stuff but being able to hear the full range in a nice jazz recording/classical/vocals)?


I think the NAD will do REALLY well with a Canton system.

In terms of power - you will want to get as big an amp as you can afford despite the genre of music you listen to. Just like it is unlikely that you will drive a V12 Mercedes at 155 MPH very often - its the subtle reserve of power that makes the musical difference. Having the power when needed is a big issue. Its how music sounds open, liquid and three dimentional. Also, you don't really need a lot of power other than when the dynamics kick in but its the dymanics that make the music most fun.

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