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Default Re: Today's Worst Bands...

KL, I know I love your reviews @ because 1) you're both a great critic and a great writer, and most importantly 2) we almost always agree
this post was perfect! When I read it I tried to remember when it was I wrote it.

Who do I think are good bands? Start at the top of our Top 10 Rock Bands of All Time list
and work your way down.

(You will see Journey at #55 -- a massive embarrassment, but we had certain criteria and sales figured prominently and that's how Journey snuck in. Take away their high sales score and they almost drop off our list.)

As to your previous digs:
I can't say I'm a Kid Rock fan, no, but I give the guy credit for attitude. He knows and honors the roots like few today. One example: I was at the taping of one of the Willie Nelson tributes in '04, and when Jerry Lee Lewis hobbled on, surrounded by an amazing band including Willie and Merle and Keith Richards on guitars and backing vocals, and seemed tentative at best, Kid Rock stepped in, without grabbing the spotlight, and cajoled the Killer in just the right way to be the Killer, and he warmed up and grinned and transformed in front of our eyes and brought the house down. This is not the first time I've seen that side of KR, and I will always respect him (if not his music) for it. (That special also included Al Green, Rickie Lee Jones, the outstanding Holmes Brothers, Lucinda Williams, Shelby Lynne, an unannounced last-minute walk-on by Bob Dylan (who should've stayed home -- took several takes on "You Win Again," none of them that good) ,an amazing "Pressure Drop" from Toots Hibbert and Ben Harper, and a surpisingly good Toby Keith, rednecked but righteous . . . OK, so maybe KL and I don't always agree.)
And ZZ Top -- a guilty pleasure, at worst. They may have been playing the same chords and basically the same song for 37 years, but damn!! it's a great rockin' song. And talk about attitude?! Who gives less of a f*** than these guys? Everybody in the band who wasn't named Beard grew foot-long-plus beards nearly 30 years ago -- hardly hip on a young rock star -- and have kept them through the 21st Century, even through an offer from Gillette in '84 to beards Gibbons and Hill for a million dollars each if they'd shave them for a commercial. Talk about your artistic integrity! (A mil meant something then.)

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