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Originally Posted by farrellhiatt View Post
If you want to include Styx Journey and Chicago on the worst bands list, who do you think are good bands. I would be interested in knowing this.
Instead... they suck because...
Journey... Greg Rolie leaves the band and they get Steve Perry. They go super sucky but I give it to them Steve can sing that Cheese. Perry leaves... which means that the singer who made them popular has bailed... even more suck city.

Styx... like bad theater with a couple of good guitar players... the singer who made them popular leaves... and they actually get better!!! But they can't find the keys to the car so they're stuck in suck city.

Chicago... they start out with a lot of promise. Great guitar player & singer, stabby jabby horns... a good drummer... and slowly they spiral down the drain into the MOR city of suck. So much so the guy who made them tolerable accidently/possibly/definitely commits the 'cide. I just bet he was listening to demos from the next LP.
R.I.P Chitown?
But Noooooooooooooo, they go on for years and years and years. They hang out with the Beach Boys (or what's called the Beach Boys I mean there are no Wilson Bros left?) and collect paydays by playing at cemeteries/state fairs. Does anybody really know what time it is? Time to die.
TODAY'S suck city bands are too easy.
Good Carlotta
Avril Lalame
Everything on the 1 music show on MTV
All these bands that sound exactly like the other one
and a special place (even though he's not a musician... but he's not a comedian either)

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