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Default Re: Many Players Need Firmware Update To Play Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray

Why would a videophile care if HD DVD "had it together first" if Blu-ray gets it together a few months later and can provide years of superior encoding with high-bit-rate AVC/VC-1 video and lossless audio? We all know that BD wasn't ready for launch when it officially launched with that faulty Samsung player. No one would dispute that. Even the head of Fox stated that the "real" launch of BD occurred with the release of the PS3 (by that time the crappy low-bit-rate MPEG2 discs were history) and Disney and Sony have now been consistently producing discs that have more visible detail than Warner's lower bit-rate VC1 HD DVD/BD titles. Not to mention studios that are optimizing for BD (Sony/Disney) are providing lossless audio on all titles versus the rare-privilege that WB, Universal, and Paramount offer on a select few (due to tigher constraints in bit-rate and mastering limitations of HD DVD). I don't understand the perspective of picking a format based on early-released hardware and software when a format can, has, and will continue to evolve to offer so much more... more than HD DVD can offer despite "having it together" at launch.

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