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Default Re: Many Players Need Firmware Update To Play Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray

Hi, Dave. I agree that currently the market is mostly limited to enthusiasts. However, with HD-DVD at $249.00, I know a number of non-techhies who have taken the plunge. It has been my experience that John Q. tends to ask their enthusiast friends about formats, brands, etc. Perhaps it is correct to think that it is too early to have the general public's perceptions about operational complexity be a real factor in the long term success, but time is passing and it has been some time since the introduction of both HD formats. I think HD-DVD has it more "together" in that area. I hope Blu-ray does get its software compatibility issues in hand by then. I tend to think that this Christmas will be important in the format wars. With digital TVs coming down (Best Buy just dropped all sales of analog TVs I understand), Santa will want something to show off that new lower priced digital set! Beta was a technically better format, IMHO, but lost out due to a number of factors (I am not saying operational complexity was one of them - but Beta took "too long" to catch up to VHS' lead).

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