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Default Drought of good titles on Blu-ray

I went to Best Buy yesterday to restock my HD disc collection. Normally my wife just orders the movies we want from Netflix but that doesn't leave me many demo discs thus I took myself to Best Buy to buy some back catalog titles.

I will say the organization of the HD DVD and Blu-ray discs were pretty good UNLIKE the old days of DVD-Audio and SACD where the discs were hidden with CDs and consumers had no chance to shop by format unless they went to Amazon and even that wasn't that good.

The thing that shocked me was how FEW Blu-ray titles I actually wanted to buy. It seemed like there were a number of crossover titles on both formats but the best blockbusters were on HD DVD. I know Spider-man 3 is coming (we already have it at the office) but beyond that - I already had most of the best movies and I only own maybe 20 Blu-ray discs so far.

I bought one Blu-ray and about 10 HD DVDs.

These formats need A LOT more top-notch titles to woo customers.
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