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Default Re: Learning to hate DirecTV more and more

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Wow, you are not having any fun with DirecTV!!

I feel your pain as dealing with minimum wage script readers doesn't do anyones blood pressure any good.

I hope you get everything straightened out & can start to enjoy some of the new HD stations they have now.
Sooo true.

I had a very painful experience just trying to sign up for their service!

Each time I called - I got a different price and different information regarding their "packages". I finally found a manager who knew what she was talking about.
I told her how awful my experience was prior to her - and she said that she knew that most of the operators were mis-informed (or downright stupid).

It's a shame since I absolutely love their product. Thankfully I haven't needed to call
their customer support line since then.

Now back to my NFL Sunday ticket!
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