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Default Re: HDTV - When Will HDMI 1.3 Be Available in HDTVs?

The Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) is a trained group of independant video calibrators.

Led by Joel Silver and taught mainly by Kevin Miller (look for him on this forum) these guys can for a fair price make your TV meet broadcast standards and last longer.

The reaility is: to sell more TVs video companies have to play to what looks best in a retail showroom (a lot of blue in most cases). The news is: that doesn't look good at your house in a more dark (or hopefully completely dark) setting.

There is a LOT more to it than this but I can say I have my sets ISF calibrated as do all of our reviewers. In fact many of our video reviewers are ISF trained. I went to the school but I think I might have flunked out. Calibrating video is pretty hard if you don't practice it.

Once you are past what you can do with the DVE, AVIA and Silicon Optix discs - hire the pros

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