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Thumbs down Learning to hate DirecTV more and more

So they send me an extra HR20 HD DVR and then threaten me with $500 on my bill if I don't ship it back with a return tag.

The trick is - there is NO return tag so I call. I get the level on idiot to answer and they put you in the cue to wait some more.

When the next level person comes on the line - I have SUPER BITCH on the phone. Her brilliant idea is to send another box. We don't need another box as the unit they sent me already has a new box perfectly suitable to ship it back and save me a $500 penalty. But she wants to argue.

As obnoxious is it sounds - I did a "do you know who I am speech" telling her about's 650,000 audited readers and the fact that I have been a client since DAY ONE for directv. She couldn't care less. JD Powers should note this before the start raving about how good DirecTV's customer service is.

I am getting fed up with DirecTV. Peyton Manning can kiss my ass. Just provide a service that works and support that doesn't waste my time. This SIMPLE need took 35 minutes on a call on a Saturday. I bill $300 per hour - Can I send them an invoice for $165?
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