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Default Re: Dirty AC and the theater

Originally Posted by Bob Hodas View Post
This is not my department and in fact belongs in another forum but Monster Cable also makes some inexpensive boxes that work fairly well. I own one myself.
I've actually got a Monster Power product, kinda old now, but I'm not convinced it's anything more than a glorified surge protector with neat LEDs on the front and a cool, though inaccurate, analog meter displaying the line voltage. It most certainly does not re-build the sine wave or provide any level of back-up power to protect from frequent power outages that I endure here. It's fine for my Costco-purchased Technics receiver/amp and Panasonic TV, Sony VCR, Sony DVD player, and Satellite receiver. But it wouldn't be welcome anywhere near a rack of Sunfire components or behind Mackie or Sunfire speakers. I think whatever I decide I'll have a small rack of batteries, enough to provide some hours of quiet entertainment, behind an array of inverters. So much space consumed, though...
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