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Default Re: Musical in-wall speakers on a relative budget.

I have NEVER been treated worse by an AV company than by Sumiko. Senior Editor, Bryan Southard and I stood in their booth offering them reviews and their nation sales manager told us JUST how unimportant we are. (note: we have an audited 650,000 monthly readers, 165,500 names on our email list etc...)

I wouldn't recomend ANY of the products they sell. If they are willing to treat someone offering them an editorial handout - THIS BADLY - just imagine how they will treat you as a customer.

Look at Sunfire, Paradigm, Outlaw, Orb Audio, Revel, B&W.

There are SO MANY good companies that can get you a killer woofer. Sunfire still tickels me with their good setup and low cost. Revel is about as good as it gets.

OH YEAH - and JL's small woofer. Don't miss out on that one!!!!
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