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Thumbs down Time Warner cold calls

I get my high speed cable Internet service from Time Warner. Both my wife and I use it for work and where we live (way up in the hills in LA) its a needed tool more than a luxury. In fact we pay $65 per month for "professional" service whatever that means. I think it means its down less - which is FINE by me. Just keep it fast and up all the time.

Where I object is when they call up my wife and try to get her to switch to their cable TV system.

YES - I am mad at DirecTV - who's serice has been TERRIBLE of late but switching from DirecTV to digital cable would cost me $1,000's in hardware and programing. With that said - having a buligerant saleman calling my house who wouldn't know a Crestron from the Cookie Monster is downright ignorant. Somebody needs to teach these people to EARN THE CLOSE. I think my wife did that when she hung up on him yesterday
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