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Default Musical in-wall speakers on a relative budget.

First post, please be gentle

Ok, to keep a long short cause you all know it, the wife insists on in-wall speakers in the the only room in our house that I can use for listening to my beloved music. Enough said...

The room is 30 x 15 with cathedral ceilings, hardwood floors and lots of windows.

The music I like is everything from Coldplay to Joni Michell. Love vocals. I like a smooth warm sound.

So my friends...I've got some money to spend (7K) but need to spread it out a little on the following:

2.1 stereo speakers/sub for aformentioned listening/formal room. (critical music listening)
2.0 stereo speakers for family room for HT listening (SQ far less important to me)
reciever or pre/pro & amp seperates
Installation costs.
I will also want to install some speakers out side in the back yard for

So how do I spread this budget out? Anyone care to tell me what they'd do with this cash?

My thoughts were:
2 x in-wall speakers (TBD) for music room
Rel T1 sub for music room (MSRP = $995)
NAD T175 pre/pro/tuner (if its ever released). (MSRP = $1999)
Some form of amp to go with the above.
2 x in-ceiling speakers (TBD) for family room.

Am I way off here on this so far? I heard the PSB CW383 in-walls just earlier today and I thought they sounded nice, albeit that they did sound quite up-front or bright to my ears. i think they MSRP os $1800 a pair. Is this a fair percentage of my total budget I should be spending on these speakers for my music listening room? Am I correct trying to go with seperates with this budget or should I stick with a solid reciever and spend more on the speakers?

Thanks one and all for your advise.

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