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I am know of Parallels, but have not used it yet. Still, I think it is crazy not to support both Mac and PC users on the tech side of things. For instance, the Sony firmware update for their Blu-ray players is an EXE file that once run creates an ISO file. Now ISO files can be read on both PC and Mac so why not make the ISO file downloadable? This is the kind of common sense thinking that seems to be lacking in today's modern CE marketplace. Sony's not the only culprit. Companies as high up on the food chain as Meridian and others make similar mistakes.

Lately I get the feeling that a lot of companies spend so much time either being first to market with something or are simply playing catch up that no one actually take the time to test or worse USE the product they're about to sell to the masses. If they truly did the proper testing then these things wouldn't happen. It's like selling someone a new car and telling them that they can drive it in two to four weeks once the drive train comes in.
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