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Default Re: Post YOUR home theater system pictures and profiles here...

Let me give a brief history of the theater and explain it's style / theme. My wife and I are avid fans of Disneyland. We lived in Southern California for quite a while. My wife lived there for most of her life and I lived there for a little more than a decade. We always had Disneyland passes and would visit the park allot. Our favorite rides were the Haunted Mansion and later the Tower of Terror in the newly added California Adventure.

The theme for our theater came from both of those rides. It is actually named for the designer of the haunted mansion, Harper Golf, and the artist responsible for the stretching portraits Mark Davis. We wanted to give the appearance of an old run down Art Deco Theater. We recently moved to Texas to be closer to family and in turn were able to buy a new home with a dedicated theater room. My wife is a fine artist working in mostly oil portraits and landscapes but, she also has a thriving mural business. Her skill gave us the ability to make the theater look exactly the way we wanted.

If anyone is interested they can view her other mural work here:

This is our first dedicated theater and most of it is DIY. Kinda flying by the seat of our pants. We made the screen from a sheet of MDF painted with Behr paint. The screen is actually bigger than the projected image. Mainly I did that so I could screw the MDF into studs. As most of you know, this hobby is an on going process. At some point I will replace the screen with carada or dalite. Of course, that will probably happen when I upgrade to an HD projector. The chairs have since been replaced with Irwin Marquees from Kustom Kens. I will include a pic at the end of the installed marquees.

Anyway, here's a quick rundown of the equipment.

Onkyo TXD-S777B 5.1 DTS, DD, THX select certified receiver (will be replaced sometime soon)
Onkyo DV-CP702 Progressive Scan DVD player
Infocus Screenplay 4805 (soon to be replaced as well)
Panamax M5100-EX Power Conditioner

Polk CSi5 Center Channel
Polk RT8 Mains
Polk FXi3 Surround Speakers (I wanted the FXi5s but the placement wouldn't fit)
Velodyne CT-100 Sub

A few more notes about the theater. I wasn't able to run the cabling through the wall. You can see it in the pics. It doesn't look to bad, I think it kinda adds to the rundown feel of the theater. The lighting in the pics is much brighter than the actual theaters lighting source. I did this simply so I could take the pictures.

Here are a few pics of the theater:

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