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Default Re: Yamaha RX-V861 7.1 Receiver Reviewew

OK, thanks Andrew that clears much of this up regarding the 861. Overall though, and this is just a general comment but it seems that things just continue to get more complicated. For instance you could have an upscaling DVD player that can upscale to 1080p, a receiver that can do the same upscaling and a display that can also do it. Now, on top of all that you can have TrueHD/HD Audio that can be decoded in the player or in the receiver. Is it just me or are we paying for a lot of duplicated technology between these devices? Is there really a big difference between the way all these perform? I mean would a receiver that decodes TrueHD sound better than a player that does it?

Also, just curious but which of the new Onkyo's are you planning on reviewing? All of them from the 605 up have TrueHD/HD Audio but as far as being comparable to the 861 you should probably look at either the 705 or 805. I've decided on the 805 vice the 861 because of the THX Ultra and additional HDMI input (plus a few other lesser features) and it's available for $200 off MSRP (authorized seller) which makes it very competitive with the Yamaha. Right now, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that the Onk 805 will sound as good as the 861.
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