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Default Re: Today's Worst Bands...

Originally Posted by hogfan View Post
I don't get U2, who's buying them? While I agree that there is a lot of todays music I hate to hear, I have a 16year old. I remember my father hating emerson lake & palmer, black sabbath,& my other's. Who knows which struggling band will produce a "dark side of the moon"? I really HATE rap, but it might morph into who knows what. The thing I see is less ability to play basic music. They are crippled by dependence on massive distortion, drivel lyrics.
Yes. The problem is no one can read or play music. And when I say that, I mean instruments. We are in the sample and computer age. My bands were bands, played instruments and read music. There are very few examples like Alicia Keys, (whether you like her music or not, she can play and write her own stuff) out here today.
In fact, if it wasn`t for our music back in the day, where would any of these groups, singers, be today.
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