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Smile Re: Bose Acoustimass 16

That is a good question. I owned a pair of 901 Series IVs some years ago that I won at what they called back then the Stereo Hi-Fi show at the Statler Hilton Hotel. Now, I believe, they still make the pro or studio model for I still see them from time to time at shows. Puts out a lot of power. Hard to blow these things up.

While in retail, I had a pair of the early Acoustmass AM 5s. Got them in a salesmen contest. A big hole in the middle. Highs, muddy bass, absolutely NO MIDRANGE. But of course, when demoed, the sub was hidden, the cubes were on shelves, and the customer was like - WOW!! OH MY GOD, the sound is coming from those cubes! People bought them I always thought for the novelty of them. Small, bassy, and the WAF is very high. Buy your receiver, and you were in.

The home theater system reminds me of Bang and Olufsens system. In design only!! You have the amp/control center, remote to contro everything, the cubes and the woofer. If you go to a BOSE store, the demo is still the WOW factor. They show you a movie in surround, the cubes are covered by a fake bookshelf speaker, then revealed and lowered at the near end of the demo. If you have a Bose store near you Jerry, take 20 minutes and do it. Its funny, but to the masses, probably very effective, despite the HOLE in the middle.
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