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Default Re: Many Players Need Firmware Update To Play Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray

Hmmm. I've had the PS3 and only once (Pirates) did I need to install a new firmware update for movie playback. But is it really a big deal? I like the fact that the software can evolve past what was available when my unit shipped from the factory and all I have to do is run a firmware update and I've got the latest code.


Toshiba's HD DVD units have required similar updates... more than one... to play various combo disc and to fix other issues. Did the HD DVD crowd cry foul? No... they just appreciated the fact that updates were made available. Why not the same attitude with BD?

If you bought a particular BD unit that's prone to problems more than most, that's a problem with the model, and not the BD format as a whole. The PS3 performs rock-solidly and out-performs all Toshiba players in speed and produces a glorious 1080p24 image which none of the budget-Toshiba models do.

Capacity goes to Blu-ray as well, but have not noticed a difference to date.
Warner refuses to show an advantage with 50GB BD and uses 30GB HD DVD masters on all their 50GB BD discs... so the studio is choosing not to take advantage. However, the lack of lossless audio on Transformers was a direct result of the bandwidth limitation on HD DVD (so paramount reps have said). Disney, Fox, and Sony have consistently provided lossless audio on all BD product, something that no HD DVD studio seems to be able to do. I think it's more than a curiosity that such differences fall across format lines.

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