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Originally Posted by Tony_P View Post
Bob Carver ruffled a lot of people's feathers some years ago in the hi-end business. Remember when he had his "transfer function" where he could make any of his power amps sound like anyone else's? The one he choice to get this amps to sound like (null to) would be a Mark Levinson ML25 (or something like that). I was a pure class A power amp that was highly regarded. Pete Aczel of the Audio Critic was in on this too. It was written that Carver was able to get his 1.5t to sound (or null) to the ML amp. Carver said he bought a pair of these amps to take back and have all his "t"amps null to it. I don't know how successful he was, but the 1.5t that I owned sounded better than a lot of other amps I compared it to for a cost that was small. He had his Amazing speakers, Lightstar and Sunfire along with those little speakers that put out bass, the Sunfire TrueSub.
His equipment does get a lot of "respect" in the reviewing magazines. His is an innovator and has produced tremendous products with exceptional value.
Wow, you have a great memory. I actually do remember that. Harry Pearson at The Absolute Sound seemed to be really ****ed about it, and tried to talk bad about it. How dare someone would come and offer a product that rivaled such a respected high end favorite.
Listen, the man Bob Carver is smart. And from what kennyt says after meeting him, a very nice guy.
I beleive, he should come out with the cube amplifier again. With Bel canto getting favorable reviews for their small amplifiers, I think because of its power and size, it would have an advantage in a lot of installs.
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