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Originally Posted by Z Man View Post
In a way I say I have to agree with you. Sunfire products are amazing, and their amplifiers are IMO some of the absolute best anywhere. It's strange but more and more I see the Sunfire name disappearing from high end shops ads. 3-4 years ago the Sunfire name was seen listed at many hi-fi/HT stores. Now as I look through store Ads in mags like Stereophile, The Absolute Sound etc., I no longer see the Sunfire brand mentioned. Pity because it is a high caliber brand.

I own (and love) my Sunfire TGIII pre/pro and Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature amp. And I see myself hanging on to my Sunfire amp for a long time to come. The "only" reason I am changing from Sunfire to Denon (AVP-A1HD)for a pre/pro is because Sunfire, like so many other companies, doesn't have what the upcoming Denon will have.

If I knew that Sunfire was coming out with a pre/pro that offered 6 HDMI 1.3a inputs, Wi-Fi streaming, Audyssey Multi EQXT/Pro, HQV Realta Video Processing, HDCD decoding, and was THX Ultra 2 certified, I would most definitely stay with Sunfire.

I hear you. I`m sorry they don`t have what you need. But really, there are not hardly any manufacturers yet, that have that many HDMI inputs.
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