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Default Re: Many Players Need Firmware Update To Play Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray

I have both a Blu-Ray player (Sony BDP-S1) and an HD-DVD player (Toshiba HD-A2). Also have the PS3 and it performs well with Blu-ray movies.

Have had many such issues on the Sony BDP-S1 requiring numerous firmware updates for new releases, and on some even after the update the load times are very long (FF-Rise of the Silver Surfer being the most recent). Had only one such problem on the Toshiba early on. To my old eyes, both have superb video quality and cannot be distinguished on quality pressings. Studio support favors Blu-ray, but the nod on cost and (at this time) functionality goes to HD-DVD IHHO. Capacity goes to Blu-ray as well, but have not noticed a difference to date. Am frankly happier to date with the performance (functionality-wise) of the $299 HD-DVD over the $1,000 Blu-ray.

I don't think the issue is understanding why Hi-Def DVD (both formats) is superior to standard DVD - that is evident with a first viewing. I think the hesitation is due ot the fear of one format becoming obsolete and "throwing away) substantial dollars if one bets "wrong." Witness VHS/Beta and more recently DVD-Audio/SACD. I hope the smoke clears soon and a single standard is established, which will clear the way for mass acceptance and market growth/price drop.
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