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Default Re: Best Amp/Pre-Amp for Wilson Duettes

Originally Posted by wazzzup View Post
Hey Xyclo. Any update on what you have decided on? I have been following this thread pretty closely and want to hear what you finally went with.
I listened to the SuperNait + HICAP as well as the NAC282/NAP250 + HICAP with Wilson Duettes. I listened to Yo Yo Ma, Pan Sonic and Oscar Peterson.

The SuperNait + HICAP works well with the Duettes, even the Pan Sonic which is quite a challenge because it tends to reveal distortion. I have not listened to the Musical Fidelity A1008, which should be comparable, but I could imagine being happy with the SuperNait + HICAP because it largely addresses my needs in one unit and the room in question is 12'x13'.

Then I heard the NAC282+NAP250+HICAP combination. It was simply superb. I really thought the SuperNait sounded great and then this combination just opened up the music even more and was most effortless in it's delivery. Of course, it is literally twice the price of the SuperNait but I can definitely hear the difference.

First I listened to the SuperNait for a while, then the NAC282/NAP250 for a while and then I switched back and forth on the Yo Yo Ma. It really helps to listen to a component for a while before switching around. Well, the second switch back to the NAC282/NAP250 was revealing; in the first 10 seconds I felt a difference.

My dealer is recommending the Naim speaker cables which are very reasonable in price; that makes the Naim solution more attractive because I was expecting to pay 2-3x more for the speaker cables.

I also listened to the NuForce Ref 9V2SE using a pair of Totem Mani 2s. That was also quite nice but unfortunately I cannot hear them paired with the Duettes short of buying them.

At this stage I'm leaning towards Naim and just trying to rationalize why I should bite the bullet and go for the NAC282+NAP250+HICAP combination.

The one last component I was planning to check out was the Musical Fidelity A1008 because that seems like quite a package; however, I will not be able to test drive with the Duettes.
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