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Default Re: What is the best video processor on the market?

After having seen the Sony MotionFlow 120Hz demo I'm begining to think that the Meridian "magic box" is nothing more than their take on similar technology. Based on what they said at CEDIA the "magic box" adds frames between the frames for smoother motion and image quality which is EXACTLY what Sony's MotionFlow technology does. I have no doubt that the Merdian box has a few extra features and probably does it better but seeing as how all future Sony displays will have MotionFlow built in I question Meridian's $30K price tag. However, I don't think I would call either forms a video processor like the VP50 and VP50 Pro. Although I would LOVE to see a signal passing through the VP50 into a Sony MotionFlow capable display. Mmmmmm, makes me wonder...
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