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Default Re: Favorite internet radio stations?

I resisted satellite radio for a long time because when I'm in my car and not auditioning CDs to review, I have, here in LA, NPR station KCRW and Indie 103, two of the most adventuresome, quality, rockin' stations you could ask for, and switching back and forth with the occasional nighttime dose of the thinking man's retro rocker Jim Ladd on KLOS kept me happy.

But I didn't know what I was missing. Sirius channel 70, Disorder (yeah, Sirius Disorder) is not only the best station I've ever heard, it's the best I could imagine. Their song selection, by every DJ, is mind-blowing.

They mix the best of the new (and I hear A LOT of soon-to-be-known songs and performers there first) with the best of the old BUT they play the great cuts that you haven't heard on radio for years or decades, along with the one-hit or even no-hit wonders.

Best of all they mix genres and eras like a blender gone beserk, but with impeccable taste. Nowhere else do I hear someone slide from Jimi to Robert Johnson to Bright Eyes to some old Mexican guy from the '30s to Arcade Fire to Grieg to Miles to the Decembrists to Professor Longhair, and it works so well you're stunned but grinning.

Station director Meg Griffin is inspired in her choices (as well as doing her own great show) -- ex-NY Doll David Johansen and ex-Ramone Marky have their own twisted shows -- and Larry Kirwan is the most captivating radio announcer I've ever heard (he also leads NYC Irish rockers Black 47 and has written numerous books and plays).

Sirius has more than 150 stations, but I listen to Disorder 95% of the time. What can be better than learning a lot and having a great time too?

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