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Default Re: Led Zeppelin now on iTunes!

Is there no end to the downgrading of music?
I'd like to know Zep's rationale for caving in --

>> none of the kids will know who we are if we're left off iTunes?
Please! That's like saying people will forget about God if you knock down the churches. More than Clapton, Zep is/are God. If any rockandroll is played in 100 years, it will probably be Zep, the Stones and the Beatles.

>> we're missing out on tremendous income?
So? Plant and Page are still out there making it, and if even John Paul Jones hasn't socked away enough (just how many tens of millions do you need to feel secure?) the upcoming London reunion show and probable studio recording alone will make each of them more than the average slob earns in two or three lifetimes.

First the car commercials, now this.

If anyone should and can afford to preserve the integrity of their music, as albums and for its original sound quality, it's these gazillionaire Hall of Fame true superstars.

John Densmore is becoming my absolute rock and roll hero, for his integrity in not selling out the Doors music.

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