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Default Re: Why don't Media Center PCs have Satellite Receiver Cards?

My guess is that the signals provided by satellite are somewhat proprietary to the service using them. For instance, Direct TV has certain programing, channels and packages that you can only get through them. If they were to farm out their packages or at least their codes to companies making Media Center PC's then the exclusivity would be lost or at least diminished. I'm sure companies like Direct TV have looked into the possibilities of MCPC's and have concluded that it would eat away at the profits/market share, or worse allow customers to all together circumvent or hack their coding resulting in piracy not unlike what we see with the music and/or movie industry with illegal downloads and DVD ripping. A lot of what you can get on MCPC's is over the air or available through basic cable which costs little to nothing. However, most MCPC's still need the help of an outside cable or satellite box in order to take full advantage of premium services and channels. You can connect a DirectTV type receiver to a MCPC and use the MCPC to record but you will need the satellite receiver in order to decode the signal. I'm using DirectTV as an example, I'm sure the same applies for Dish or what ever premium service you use.
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