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Default Re: Bose Acoustimass 16

People will jump on this one and run with it but I recomend you do your own listening tests at a Magnolia and judge for yourself.

There is NO more hated speaker company than Bose. As they say "no highs, no lows - it must be Bose" which as a sonic characteristic I think can be a fair description when looking at Definitive, Paradigm, PSB, B&W and many other speakers in the same price range.

Where Bose is FANTASTIC is how they multi-channle market. I don't mean 5.1 marketing. I mean they sell their gear VERY well in the New York Times, infomercials, at Circuit, to the Staples Center, at Outlet malls and beyond. NOBODY can compete with Bose at this level. What I can't understand is why they don't engineer speakers that show how bad ass they can be when they want. Maybe the negative attention is part of their plan? The scoreboard doesn't lie and they are winning.
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