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Default Story about Le Cirque

I will not tolerate snobby treatment period, me & a bunch of guys accidentally went to a fairly ritzy place in KC once, we showed up after a race in bluejeans & everyone else there was in suits & gowns, we got seated (in the back) & treated badly so we took the table all night & tipped nothing![/QUOTE]


I couldn't agree more about bad service.

If you have read Ruth Richell's book Garlic and Saphires - you will know what I am talking about here in terms of SNOBBY and downright unacceptable treatment.

A friend of my father's who is on the board of the FCC and friends with Mario, the owner of Le Cirque in NYC, got me a TOP table at Le Cirque in Las Vegas for CES on a Saturday night. Its a small place overlooking the watershow at Belagio. With the rep for being one of the BEST places to eat in America - we were all excited.

Needless to say - the food was average. The wine pairings were so-so and the service was TERRIBLE. At one point it got hot in the room and I took off my jacket. Within 30 seconds some ass-hole came over and said "Gentelmen, wear their jackets at dinner" to which I proceeded to suggest 5 star resaurants run their Air Conditioning during dinner.

In the end I tipped 15% but MAINLY because I didn't want it getting back to my father that I stiffed the guy. I might have left $20 on a $1,000 dinner tab for being treated so poorly.

In the Richell book when she was the lead fod reviewer for the New York Times (who often wore a disguise) she told of having the wine list taken from her within minutes to give to another more stately client. She still wussed out and give them 3 stars - down from a ASTRONOMICAL 4 stars from the NYT. I think it is a 1 to 1.5 star place. Compare it with The French Laundry and you'll know what I am talking about. CAN-DO service, 10 bell food and basically a bunch of people who LOVE to BLOW your MIND with stunning food and wine. The way it should be.
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