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Default 120Hz Motionflow Technology

I recently saw a demo of Sony's new 120Hz Motionflow Technology which is currently bundled inside all of their Bravia sets. What struck me as interesting is that the quality and effect of the video was comparable to something Meridian has been developing for a few years. The image is SUPER smooth and the motion is quite interesting. It takes a bit of getting used to, however, it makes everything else look jittery and out of focus once you see it done right. Seriously, the difference is not subtle. It takes a few viewings for the "effect" to seem natural but once it sinks in it is quite amazing.

I'm looking forward to filling you all in more when my review of the new Sony rear projection HDTV hits soon. There are a few stores with Motionflow demos and I highly recommend you check them out. I don't think this type of video experience is just a neat trick or fad since there are a number of other companies playing with similar technology.

Meridian, Bang & Olufsen, Samsung and Sony are some of the few that have products out or coming soon that will feature this "super smooth" video playback.
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